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With the motto ” Raising the veil of female sexual pleasure” on this website you will see women between 18 and 95 years enjoying their body and telling you without taboos, step by step, the pleasure they experience.

For many people it is indecent to talk about sexual pleasure, is what we were taught, both at home and in schools, at least in the majority, sex education was limited to contraceptive methods and biology of the human body, but not about pleasure , that was taboo for what most women were left to learn from the moans and movements of porn sex, often exaggerated and unreal. In this website we are taught something else, that female pleasure is not taught, that although there are real and grounded tips to have more orgasms, each woman must discover herself sexually.

The videos and information are divided into:

  • Control the Orgasm: Orgasms more intense receding at the last moment. (6.5 out of 10 women)
  • Insinuate: Pass by and only meet once in a while (7 out of 10 women).
  • Constancy: Keep everything exactly the same. (6.5 out of 10 women)
  • Surprise: Challenge expectations to improve pleasure (7 out of 10 women)
  • Follow the Rhythm: An almost musical movement in time (8 out of 10 women)
  • Multiply: Overcoming sensitivity to achieve multiorgasms (5 out of 10 women)
  • Accentuate: Special attention to a part of the movement (4 out of 10 women)
  • Concentrate: Pleasure is found mostly in the head (9 out of 10 women)
  • Respect each stage: Changes in sensitivity over time (7 out of 10 women)
  • Surround: Indirect pleasure through the surrounding skin (6.5 out of 10 women)
  • Orbiting: the thousand ways to draw circles around the clitoris (8 out of 10 women)
  • Signaling: Styles for giving and receiving information (9 out of 10 women)

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In Pink We Trust

Do you know the series of illustrations ” In pink we trust ” ? They appeared on Instagram and are so erotic and sensual that they leave no one indifferent. 


The author is not known, but they are talking about social networks and blogs. These pink drawings will detonate the most explosive desire you have experienced.

The natural reaction is a spasm. Sensation of infinity that no matter how many times it is reproduced in our body, it will always feel as if it were the first time. The body moves involuntarily before that first contact when, after much anticipation, time stops and there are only two people united under the same objective, to achieve the greatest possible pleasure.

The orgasm as the final goal. That infinite reduced in a few seconds shows you what paradise is like to later return to reality. Prize and punishment at the same time, if the ecstasy were prolonged forever, we would die there, prey to an infinite climax.

Unfortunately, the image of sex has succumbed to the distorted reality of the 21st century. Today we think of depilated bodies, perfect breasts and gigantic limbs that move at a rate unmatched by most people. We forget that sex is natural; it is sweat and pain; pleasure that germinates between fluids, scratches and moans.

The virtuality has distorted our vision and now we see two acts, that of the screen in which we reflect on everything we are not and can not do, in those stars that expose their body expecting erections and not applause, and in the real act , in which we learn that the previously seen is not true. There is the battlefield, we must remember what sex is and how we should enjoy it. Without prejudices or previous conceptions. We need to wait for that first contact and again succumb irremediably to an infinite pleasure, be it a prize or a punishment.

“The important thing is that sex was not only a matter of sensation and pleasure, of law or interdiction, but also of truth and falsehood; that the truth of sex has become something essential, useful or dangerous, precious or fearsome; in short, that sex has been constituted as a bet in the game of truth “.
“History of sexuality” – Michael Foucault

“Among its emblems, our society carries the sex that speaks. Of the surprised and interrogated sex that, at the same time constricted and loquacious, answers inexhaustibly. And in a game where pleasure mixes with the involuntary and consent with the inquisition, it makes him tell the truth about himself and others “.
“History of sexuality” – Michael Foucault

“The erotic encounter begins with the vision of the desired body. Dressed or naked, the body is a presence. A form that, for a moment, is all the forms of the world. As soon as we embrace this form, we cease to perceive it as a presence and grasp it as a concrete, palpable material that fits in our arms and that, nevertheless, is unlimited. By embracing the presence, we stop seeing her and she herself stops being a presence. Dispersion of the desired body. We see only eyes that look at us, a throat illuminated by the light of a lamp and soon return to the night, the brightness of a thigh, the shadow that descends from the navel to the sex. Each of these fragments lives by itself but alludes to the totality of the body. That body that, suddenly, has become infinite. My partner’s body ceases to be a form and becomes a vast and formless substance in which, at the same time, I lose myself and recover. We lose ourselves as people and we recover as sensations. ”
“The double flame” – Octavio Paz

The illustrations of the series “In Pink We Trust” expose our true desire. Octavio Paz talks about love and eroticism, but sometimes it is only the erotic that we seek. A starting point to exploit in the only possible way our true desires; fragmenting with another body and losing the notion of time, so much so that it is possible to feel that the ephemeral orgasm is in reality eternal.

It is about getting lost in the moment, but being aware of the body, of what we are and touching, understanding that the pleasure we give is also the one we receive, listening to the two breaths that become one, the sound that emerges from each movement, moans produced by uncontrolled thrusts that unite violently two people who want nothing more than bodies do not stop.

In the end, nature claims its power. Uncontrollable spasms while the fluids escape and slip between them; the reality should come suddenly, but sex well done leaves behind, the reality is not established immediately and may never do so again. The goal is reached, but then we must remember that the starting line is again in front of us.

Woman: 5 ways to get to orgasm

There are many benefits attributed to female masturbation .

According to the sexologist Alessia Di Bari, this sexual activity helps to get to sleep, strengthens muscles, reduces menstrual pain and even prevents urinary tract infections.

But without a doubt, one of the great advantages of masturbation is that it “trains” you to reach orgasm and helps you to fully enjoy sex.

If until now nothing has worked for you, here is a series of ideas for you to start enjoying the delights of pleasure.

1- Use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris .

With this it is almost certain that you reach orgasm. According to this same report, a famous study called Kinsley revealed that 85% of women manipulate this intimate part to feel pleasure.

2- Use the hand .

If you are embarrassed Acquire a vibrator, use your hand. “Rub the palm of one hand on the clitoris and insert the fingers of the other hand into the vagina,” as many sexologists recommend in even erotic manuals .

 3- Use the water pressure of the shower.

Maybe you’ve seen in movies or television series allusions to the use of the shower for this purpose. Apparently, this is another method that works, because according to the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy , 23% of women who participated in a study on the subject reported using water pressure to feel pleasure.

4- Stand face down.

The friction of your clitoris with circular movements, on a pillow or the bed, can help you to feel pleasure. You can also stimulate the clitoris by moving two fingers like scissors.

5- Stimulates other parts of the body.

To increase the feeling of pleasure, you can also stimulate other sensitive parts of the body such as the nipples , belly, arms, legs, buttocks. Use “pens, oils or stimulators ” to maximize your senses.


Everyone has their own type, that is the type of person they prefer to leave.

Heteroflexibility - Kensey Scale


Maybe someone likes brunette or blondes more, tall or small people. Or perhaps the thinnest, sturdiest or most muscular, among others. There are also those who are inclined towards different genres: there are boys who like boys, girls who prefer other girls, and other people who prefer both genders (without being bisexual), such as heteroflexibles; as well as those who are attracted towards androgynous, transsexual, intersex or gender-fluid people. It’s the way they were born and it really is not at all different to like a certain type of person.


What is Heteroflexibility?

Heteroflexibility is defined as a sexual orientation or situational behavior in which a person will be primarily heterosexual but, in certain situations, will find other members of the same sex attractive and may even have homosexual behavior.

Therefore, a heteroflexible person, given the right circumstances, can have a homosexual encounter without questioning his orientation, following his heterosexual life after a meeting of this type.


Bisexual or heteroflexible?

While heteroflexibility and bisexuality have striking similarities, they are not the same. A bisexual person attracts relatively equally both genders, while the heterosexual is more attracted to the opposite sex, but still attracts the same sex.

Heteroflexibility vs bisexuality


Is it the same as bi-curiosity?

The bi-curious are those people who want to know what would be sex with people of the same sex (or the opposite sex in the case of homosexuals), however, avoid kissing the couple or perform some sexual practices (such as sex oral, although they do like to receive it). Once they fulfill their wish, they do not wish to repeat the experience again since their curiosity has been quenched. On the other hand, heteroflexibles maintain full sexual encounters sporadically for many years or throughout life.


It’s a fashion?

Many people believe that heteroflexibility is a fad or new trend. There are even those who classify it as a phase or a desire to attract attention. However, by the 1950s, Alfred Kinsey, considered one of the pioneers of human sexual research in the United States, had already described the heteroflexible manifestations. Although it did not establish a category as such, it did determine the “grades” of the practice.

Kinsey established a scale on human sexual orientation, where grade 0 manifested a “complete heterosexuality” and 6 an “exclusive and dominant homosexuality”. According to their studies, most people are in grades 1 and 2; the heteroflexibles are women or men, who without being homosexual, have sporadic relationships with individuals of the same sex.


Kensey Scale

Consequently, the heteroflexibles maintain their sexual identity. That is, a lifestyle with sexual attachment towards someone of the opposite sex, but are open to homosexual pleasures. This depends on personal reasons or specific circumstances, such as: fun, having a sexual adventure without commitment, learning, among others.

Sexuality is a Religion

Each day that passes is clear to me, in a small fraction that leads me to analyze the fact of sex as a spiritual mystery.


After observing different religions in a panoramic way, I realized that the most practiced religion with greater devotion in this New Era is sexuality.

To start we must clarify What is a religion ?, As investigated It is a body of knowledge and practices that seek to dissolve the human aspect to connect with the Divine aspect.

All religions teach us that we must control and dissolve those instinctive animal instincts and refine them so that by differentiating ourselves from the animal we can find the spiritual.

Also the religions teach us to cultivate the attributes of the heart to resemble God, whose nature is Love, patience, tolerance, compassion and unconditional love are permanent exercises in any spiritual philosophy and its practice brings us closer to God.

On the other hand the 7 capital sins (egotism, envy, lust, gluttony, greed, arrogance, anger and laziness) take us away from the loving nature that is the substance of God.

The rituals of religions are acts that become sacred thanks to the intention that is placed in them. Consecration is the act of invoking the forces of the spirit so that they become present in a human act and transform it into a Divine act. Well, if we pay attention we will see that all this is applicable and cultivable through sexuality.

The first and most important is the control of the sexual drive. Although it seems that cultivating sexuality means having a lot of sex, that is not correct.

There is a difference between dining at home with a glass of wine and a piece of bread, and celebrating a mass where bread is consecrated as a symbol of the material and wine as a symbol of the spiritual.

There is a difference between a sex full of eroticism and enjoyed with great pleasure that leaves the body satisfied and the instinct satiated and a sexual encounter during which the souls merge through a look, a sensual touch of the body, a shared breathing, a conscious coition and a skilled management of sexual energy.

Truly, the sexuality practiced with the criterion of religion is incredibly powerful.

It begins with the containment of instinctive sexuality to refine it in such a way that there are no frequent and unconscious sexual encounters, but carefully planned sacred rituals during which pleasure is shared, the other is honored, the heart is opened, an act of detachment is performed of the ego to generously dedicate to the pleasure of the other.

To get to it I wonder:

  • What is more difficult than delivering pleasure without expecting pleasure in return?
  • What is more unfriendly than containing the urge to be sexually satiated?

We all want to satisfy the sexual impulse, and it is too often that we act selfishly to achieve it. Controlling the sexual impulse and giving ourselves to give pleasure without expecting anything in return is an enormous act of generosity that elevates us spiritually.

  • What is more difficult than opening the heart and staying naked and vulnerable during sex?
  • Is not the sexual encounter the golden opportunity to love the other unconditionally?

Love him despite his shortcomings, love him despite his ugliness, love him even though he has hurt us. Does not that sound difficult? Well that is precisely why it becomes a deeply spiritual exercise.

Religions have their rituals to connect us with the Divinity.

Sexuality has all the ingredients to achieve that same goal.

Sexuality is union with another. The pleasure can become so intense that it dissolves the ego and allows an experience of transcendence during which one contacts the individual soul, the soul of the couple and the existence of God in them, in the act.

If a mass (in the case of Catholicism) can be a mystical experience, a sexual encounter can also be a mystical experience. In sex there is devotion, surrender, detachment, dissolution and ecstasy …

A religion has practices, demands discipline, demands study and reflection.

Sexuality is not left behind; The distance between an intense and tasty intercourse, and the cultivation of the art of love are many hours of dedication, discipline, physical and emotional exercises, and much trial and error.

I think I have a lot to think about the spiritual path through sexuality.