The female pleasure


The female pleasure

A place where common women speak of orgasm and masturbation

female orgasm

With the motto ” Raising the veil of female sexual pleasure” on this website you will see women between 18 and 95 years enjoying their body and telling you without taboos, step by step, the pleasure they experience.

For many people it is indecent to talk about sexual pleasure, is what we were taught, both at home and in schools, at least in the majority, sex education was limited to contraceptive methods and biology of the human body, but not about pleasure , that was taboo for what most women were left to learn from the moans and movements of porn sex, often exaggerated and unreal. In this website we are taught something else, that female pleasure is not taught, that although there are real and grounded tips to have more orgasms, each woman must discover herself sexually.

The videos and information are divided into:

  • Control the Orgasm: Orgasms more intense receding at the last moment. (6.5 out of 10 women)
  • Insinuate: Pass by and only meet once in a while (7 out of 10 women).
  • Constancy: Keep everything exactly the same. (6.5 out of 10 women)
  • Surprise: Challenge expectations to improve pleasure (7 out of 10 women)
  • Follow the Rhythm: An almost musical movement in time (8 out of 10 women)
  • Multiply: Overcoming sensitivity to achieve multiorgasms (5 out of 10 women)
  • Accentuate: Special attention to a part of the movement (4 out of 10 women)
  • Concentrate: Pleasure is found mostly in the head (9 out of 10 women)
  • Respect each stage: Changes in sensitivity over time (7 out of 10 women)
  • Surround: Indirect pleasure through the surrounding skin (6.5 out of 10 women)
  • Orbiting: the thousand ways to draw circles around the clitoris (8 out of 10 women)
  • Signaling: Styles for giving and receiving information (9 out of 10 women)

To access all the content you must make a single payment of US $ 29 (29 dollars) that can be paid safely with Paypal or credit card. An excellent investment for your sexual health.